JESS + KEN {Kangaroo Valley Wedding Photography}. 19-12-18

I’m sticking to ‘an image represents one thousand words’. May the length of this paragraph be inversely proportional to your open hearted feelings of the sincere love of these two and the Wedding they created. Quite simply, like most Photographers I’m better at story boards than eloquent verbosity. The photographs above are randomly ordered yet still they are a narrative of meaningful loving celebration from start to finish. These things are everything. Those smiles and incredible giving of friends and family warmed me to my core The caverns of people laughing and crying with nothing but joy. Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat indeed encapsulated the raw pure beauty and free and wondrous celebration perfectly.

WIth love and gratitude I am so humbled by my beautiful clients. And I offer my warmest congratulations.

Dean aka CloudFace