ROSE + PETER {Ulladulla Wedding Photographer}. 22-02-19

How can you not look at these photographs and feel loving joy! Rose called up and said she was turning sixty…..and…..she would like some family photographs…..and some Wedding Photographs of the ceremony and celebration where Rose was going to officiate and profess to the blue wide yonder that she and Peter are madly in love and will spend the rest of their lives together.

“Yeah, of course…I’d love to!”. My speedy reply.

The brief was “meet us at The Bombie Lookout” (an emphatic ‘yes’ I replied when Rose asked if I knew it. “Plenty of ocean in the background, because we love the ocean”, was the next direction, and otherwise the whole deal just smile with all the goodness in the ocean and the sky as I get to pinch myself again for having the unparalleled opportunity to be so intimately ensconced in all these beautiful things.

The shoot was forty minutes. Rick Stein’s fine food at Bannisters awaited my clients. Priorities were secure and once again everything came off without a hitch. Just perfect.